Top meeting ideas





·         Arts and crafts projects like finger-painting murals and making colorful barrettes and paper-bag puppets

·         Planting a community garden

·         Earning patches for activities like reading fun books or helping their community


·         Manners with a sit down tea party complete with the girls coming dressed up.

·         Mad Science

·         Sewing a pillow

·         Making a sit-upon with a no sew tie fleece square

·         Johnson Co Sheriff & a search dog

·         Miss Manners badge

·         No sew fleece sit upon

·         Lots of crafts & play learning

·         Encourage “Try-it” as the theme for the year – you have to try-it at least once

·         Share-it times:  each member of the troop has 5 min to share something about themselves.  Show & tell so to speak. 



·         Photography and Architecture by taking a trip around our downtown area and visiting:  Soldiers & Sailors monument, Scottish Rite, WW Memorial, the canal, driving through Lockerbee.  Each girl turned in her favorite photo and we had parents judge the photos for a winner.  Our troop bought disposable cameras for each girl. 

·         Beauty consultant comes to the meeting and goes over skin care/hygiene/make-up/colors, etc.

·         Each girl leads a meeting with their mom given suggestions from the badge.  They have to plan it, set it up, and lead it.  Great for leadership skills early on and they see what you’ve been doing throughout the years.  If someone is really shy, they can plan a field trip that covers their badge but they need to introduce the speaker, etc. 

·         Sewing with machines:  can even have a fashion show

·         IRT / Civic theatre workshop



·         Cooking basics – we taught the basics in how to prepare a meal from beginning to end.  We then prepared a troop cookbook. 

·         Theme nights – Mexican, etc. for pitch ins

·         Greenwood Police Station or Johnson Co. Sheriff