OPTIONS FOR TRAINING: Check the Happenings and/or the GSCI website for class offerings and times.

o   Council Class

o   Express Class for experienced leaders (at least 1 year); shorter class but covers the meat of the needed information.

o   Self Study talk to your school organizer


There are benefits to each style of class. If you are a new leader, it is recommended that you try at least 1 council class as it will give you a chance to ask questions, learn many additional ideas, meet contacts, receive materials, etc. However, we understand the time constraints of modern Super Moms turned GS leaders. Your school organizer is there to help you as well as the CG Service Team. Attend the CGSU meetings.



o   New leader

o   CPR at least one person in your troop needs to be certified. They must be with you on field trips, etc.

o   1st Aid same as above

o   Age Level

o   Daisy

o   Brownies

o   Juniors

o   Cadettes

o   Seniors


There is a variety of other training options listed in the Happenings as well. This covers a variety of skills, awards, ceremonies, SWAPS, crafts, and conflict management.


Service Unit positions have trainings as well school organizer, etc.