CADETTES - Grades 6 – 9

SENIORS -  Grades 9 - 12


o   Who’s a Cadette & Senior?

o   Sample Schedules of a Year

o   Ideas for Interest Projects

o   Successful Activities

o   Meetings

o   Silver Award

o   Gold Award

o   Leader/Counselor-in-Training

o   Bridging requirements for Cadettes to Seniors

o   Tips from Experience

o   Resources & Websites for Cadettes & Seniors



Who’s a Cadette & Senior?

Girls in junior high and high school are busy with school work, after school activities, and jobs. But many still find time for Girl Scouting. For some, it has been an enjoyable part of growing up, for others, it is a new experience. Teenage girls are motivated by curiosity and potential. Through Girl Scouting they are provided the "testing ground" needed to explore abilities and projects.

The program for older girls has many components:

Some troops meet once a week, every other week, or once a month - any combination that fits the schedules of leaders and girls. At this age level, girls usually have the desire and skills to take on the full responsibility of planning. The leader's role becomes more that of an advisor; she adds expertise, experience, and a touch of "reality" to the planning process.    What these girls are looking for in a leader is someone who will give advice, not orders - someone with a sense of humor whom they can admire, and most of all, someone they trust.





Sample Schedules of a Year


Ideas for Interest Projects


Successful Activities


Silver Award

Gold Award


Bridging requirements for

    Cadettes to Seniors


Tips from Experience


Resources & Websites for Cadettes & Seniors