Service is a cornerstone in Girl Scouts.  It is stated in the Girl Scout Promise as well as part of the Girl Scout Law.  We promise to make our community a better place when we say we will “help people at all times.”  Teaching and practicing philanthropy develops awareness and responsibility in our Girl Scouts to make our community a better place to live. 

These are just a few ideas to get your creative, service oriented thinking going. 

  • Collect pop tabs for the Murat Shrine or Riley Hospital
  • Help a local organization (e.g., Huntington’s Disease, etc.) – stuff handout packs, be greeters at an event, etc.
  • Plant flowers at a local park, nursing home, library, meeting place, church, etc. and maintain them.
  • Adopt a local nursing home unit.  Visit the unit throughout the year.  Sing songs, play bingo, perform a skit, make tray favors, throw a holiday party, etc.   
  • Collect clothing or personal items, books,and games to and donate them to a local shelter for the homeless or domestic abuse.
  • Collect used clothing and donate to Goodwill/Salvation Army (older girls could be in charge of washing/ironing/sewing on buttons, mending holes)
  • "Adopt" a Grandparent in your neighborhood 
  • Clean up and beautify your local park, church grounds, meeting place, or school grounds.  
  • Car Wash – have a car wash or wash the cars of your parent volunteers in appreciation of all the driving they do.
  • Riley Children’s Hospital:
    • Make small craft packages
    • Books on tape
    • Throw a party
    • Donate supplies
    • Clean &/or supply the Ronald McDonald House
  • Collect several unused pages from coloring books and staple together.Place with a few crayons in a ziplock baggie for children who have to wait in hospital waiting rooms.
  • Help with trail maintenance on local hiking trails.
  • Volunteer to help with a meal at a local shelter.
  • Volunteer to read stories to children at your local library's "Children's Hour" or develop one if none is present.
  • Baby donations for local shelters:
    • make baby blankets (no sew available)
    • make bibs