Camping Gear


Sleeping Bag / Small Pillow


Duffle bag you can carry filled with:


Clothing: Bring enough for each day and one additional if you think you will need it.

Be careful not to over pack.

Long pants

Shorts (weather permitting)



Socks (enough for each day and an extra pair)

Jacket / Sweatshirt (weather appropriate, plan ahead)

Sun Hat / stocking hat, mittens

Bandana (must have this for camp fire)

Rain Poncho (no umbrellas)

Swim Suit & Towel (if you know we are swimming)



Hair brush

Hair bands

Tooth brush / paste

Sun Screen no aerosol

Bug Spray no aerosol


Other Stuff:

Sit Upon

Flashlight with batteries

Extra Batteries

Medicine in original bottle marked with your name and instructions in a zip lock bag

Any item you were specifically assigned to bring (ex: game, sign, chart, etc.)

Smile / Good Attitude



Do Not Bring


Food (unless otherwise directed on the permission slip, ex: sack dinner)

Candy / Gum

Perfume / Smelly Lotion


Electronics / Cell Phone

Money (unless otherwise directed on the permission slip)